USP of Selling PLR Ebooks

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Published: 20th September 2012
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USP of selling PLR EBooks
If you are thinking of writing an eBook on your own, it may be a daunting task. But in todayís
Technology driven age itís quite not necessary to write on your own. Now you can purchase
rewritten eBook and resale it as a author. It is called Private Label Rights EBook. The author of an eBook hand your the bookís rights for a price.
You should not consider a private label eBook same as a original eBook written for you.
You may compare between private label eBook and private label fruit jam, he will not go to the back store start peeling off fruits. He will prefer to go the recognized jam manufacturer, purchase in a large quantity and put his label on the bottle for a price.
The store management then uses their branding , logistics channel and special price to sell as many of these jam bottles as they can. If they would not have made special arrangements with reputed jam manufacturer, their jam would have been same as someone elseís but in a different shaped bottle.
The same principal applies to a PLR eBooks. When you are buying PLR eBooks, you are selling the same information as your competitor on the internet. It would be quite unethical to treat this information as yours work. The other way is you can modify the content and the beat the fear of a duplicate content.
Generally when you buy a private label right eBook it comes with right to modify the content as per your requirement. It is easier to edit the private label eBook and sell it as your own rather than starting from a nowhere.
You have carefully select your private label right eBook which you are planning to sell. Its should be
compatible with your goals.

Laws of demand and supply are also applicable to PLR eBooks.
Its not necessary that the eBooks are priced according to the quality of matter written. A well written eBook can be sold thousand time for pennies and it need huge efforts to modify the content to make it unique fro the peers, while the eBook of same quality can be offered at a higher price to handful of people
The eBooks offered to few people require less modifications because of its limited distribution,
So it has lesser chance to be found duplicate elsewhere on the internet.
In short it can be concluded that PLR eBook is a great source of making money, while saving your tons of work schedule.

How to promote your own eBook?
You have done the hard work of creating you own eBook. Now its time to get the rewards or payback for your efforts. You will want to bring your eBook in front of as many people as possible
If you signed on twitter and tweet frequently about your eBook and posted a tiny link , your book will be vanished off the shelves leaving you with no money and get you un-followed
But wait, donít be nervous . There is good way !
Please tell us more about the subject of your eBook.
For example , If your eBook is about internet marketing then you could tweet about what is internet marketing, what are the various type of internet marketing, how to begin with internet marketing step by step. You can create a sales page for your eBook and put a link in your tweet. You can put a paragraph in your eBook as a link in your tweet. So your followers can read the same and encouraged to buy your eBook.

The same strategy can applied in forums as well. You can post the part of your work in internet marketing community. You can answer the queries of the registered users. Post on their threads.
This is the safest way to get yourself noticed. The caution needs to be taken not to portray yourself as salesman of your product on these forums. The people visiting these forums are in search of solutions too their problems. Therefore it should not be used as a selling platform.
Strategy and patience are the buzzwords as far as social media is concern. Once you know the tricks of the trade, its more easier to gather large fan base, which converts into sales in future.
You can start your own blog regarding Internet marketing. Blogs are the most economical way to reach to a larger audience since its free. They rank high in search engines as long as you keep on adding fresh content using right keywords. You can build your fan base which interested in info about internet marketing. It can be good platform to advertise your product . You can also put a link to your website on these blogs.

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